70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements Exam - Certification Training Course

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70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements Training Course
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70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your Microsoft examination with our training course. The 70-346 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Microsoft certification exam. Pass the Microsoft 70-346 test with flying colors.
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Curriculum For This Course

Time 00:02:14
Preparing for Office 365
Time 00:10:36
Managing Users and Groups
Time 00:11:41

About This Course

Take the Microsoft 70-346 preparation course and grab the opportunity to obtain the high-level certificate for managing the requirements and identities of Office 365.

Also known as Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements, the course is highly opted by the IT professionals who want to be a part of evaluation, planning, operation, and deploying of the services offered by Office 365. The concept also includes the supporting technologies, dependencies, and requirements of Office 365. It comes with all the capabilities regarding the administration of Office 365 and helps in understanding all the topics related to it easily.


This is a course that helps in going through the administrative skills and capabilities for Office 365. The course covers all the required interfaces, such as navigation to the Admin Center, setting up a trial for Office 365, managing and adding of users, usage of group administration, working with collaboration groups, and the other ones.

Requirements of the course
  • Be familiar with the Admin Center of Office 365
  • Know how to work online with Microsoft Exchange
  • Deal with online SharePoint
  • Know Directory of Azure Active
  • Work with Office 365 ProPlus
  • Use Skype for Business
  • Be familiar with the functionality and the environment of Office 365
Learnings from the course
  • Preparation for Office 365
  • How to manage groups and users
  • How to work with administration of Office 365
  • How to work with Azure Rights Management
  • Deploying to Office 365 Pro Plus
  • Creation of custom domains
  • How to work with Hybrid Active Directory
  • Concepts of Exchange Administration
  • How to manage SharePoint online
  • Configuration of Skype for a business purpose
  • Performing tests regarding connectivity
  • How to work with yammer
  • Deploying Office 365 services
  • How to handle the operations regarding Office 365 for every size of business
Course topics are as follows

1. Planning and implementation of network and security in Office 365

  • Configuration of DNS records
  • Administration of Rights Management
  • Beginning with client connectivity for Office 365
  • Managing the roles of administrator for Office 365

2. Managing identities of the cloud

  • Configuring password management
  • Managing security groups and users
  • Managing identities of cloud along with Windows PowerShell

3. Managing and implementing identities using DirSync

  • Set up of DirSync
  • Preparation of on-premises of Active Directory
  • Managing of Active Directory for groups and users with DirSync

4. Implementation and managing Federal Identities

  • Management and installation of AD FS servers
  • Managing and installing proxy servers of AD FS
  • Requirements of plan for Active Directory Federation Services

5. Troubleshoot and monitoring the usage and availability of Office 364

  • Report analyzing
  • Monitoring service health
  • Isolating of service interruption
Target audience
  • IT professionals who want to get involved in planning, evaluating, operating, and deploying of the Office 365 services
  • IT professionals who are also dealing with requirements, dependencies, supporting technologies, and etc.
  • Students who have the understanding related to capabilities of administrative regarding Office 365

Hence, with the help of simple and effective video lectures, this Microsoft course assists the students to understand the management of Azure rights, deploy of Office 365 ProPlus, and create custom domains with ease.

Job roles:
  • Office 365 Specialist
  • Office 365 Administrator
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • System Engineer
  • Office 365 Consultant

A person who has passed the Microsoft 70-346 exam has a salary that ranges from around $82,037 to $119,128 on annual basis.

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Nov 08, 2018
This course is surely a good idea while looking for courses to pass the Microsoft 70-346 exam. The videos come with brief theoretical and practical explanations, which makes learning easy and fun to do. The course was a gift for me as it gave me all the explanations in detail in just a short time span. Thank you!
Nov 05, 2018
Nothing can explain the concepts of Administration of Microsoft with ease as this video lectures do. The instructor has used simple language with impressive vocabulary that makes the IT professional comfortable while learning. I came out with flying colors by learning from this intelligent instructor. Thank you!!
Nov 02, 2018
A completely dedicated course that helps in understanding even the complex content with ease. The instructor of the video course with the help of HD videos, face to face doubt solving sessions, and online video preparation for exams has given his 100 percent in the designing of the course, which has made it easy to prepare. The papers and videos are also downloadable, which adds to the point of scoring. Amazing work!
South Africa
Oct 21, 2018
The delicate tone of dialect the instructor uses to clarify the questions helps genuinely in getting a handle on the points easily. A bunch of gratitude to the instructor for the magical videos and the paper sets to prepare for the exam.
United States
Oct 10, 2018
I purchased the course taking in material from one of my companions to observe how it is valuable. Yet, I rapidly got mine as the course is a total guide for passing the exam. Brisk and instructive modules, preparation recordings, question paper sets with varying levels of trouble, and so on are outlined in an appropriate climbing way, which makes adapting simple and amusing to do. The very late paper arrangement recordings helped me a lot. Thanks to the accurate support of the instructor, which made learning easier.
Oct 03, 2018
I have simply passed Microsoft 70-346, and the instructor has been an extraordinary help for me. I cherish the way he instructed each minor thing in detail with basic dialect for everybody to get it. The course gives a chance to try your abilities in the field of systems administration. The course additionally set me up for the exam, for which I was excessively apprehensive.
United Kingdom
Mar 19, 2018
Excellently presented. Enjoyed the course and learnt alot.
Feb 12, 2018
Good afternoon, I want to thank you very much for letting many people take your courses. I have a couple of questions that I would like to answer: How much does this course cost? how to proceed? on what terms? at the end of the course what is given? is it possible to find a job in Microsoft after the course? Do you work after finishing the course? Thank you!

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