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Gas Ducted Heating Service Melbourne

Through the winter months, nothing is more welcoming than a warm home.

Heating accounts for over half the average household’s energy costs, making it important to select the right heating method for your need

s. We are installers for all major brands and our experienced staff can advise on the ideal system for your home and budget.

Gas ducted heating is, without a doubt, the most efficient way to heat your entire home. Ducted central heating draws air from inside the home, through a heat exchanger for rapid warming and distribution through outlets in the floor or ceiling.

We recommend the energy efficient

Braemar Ecostar range. Top of the range energy efficiency is achieved from the 3.7 – 5 .6 star gas heaters. Zone control may also be introduced to further reduce running costs and allowing you to decide which areas or rooms to heat or cool by switching the zones on or off.


Benefits of the Braemar Ecostar Ducted Heating system include:

  • Whole-of-home heating.
  • Unprecedented zonal temperature control from the Spectrolink Multizone Controller.
  • Outstanding heating efficiency of up to 5.6 gas energy rating stars.
  • Unique energy-saving features.
  • Engineering excellence that ensures maximum heat output for every gas unit used.
  • Single-point ignition that eliminates the need for a pilot light.
  • In-shot burner technology that maximises combustion efficiency.
  • Triaction heat exchanger for maximum heat generation.
  • Softair fan system that delivers continuous warm air.

To arrange a quotation for a heating system to suit your home and budget, call us on +613 8790 4338.